i really, really miss him.


whenever i did something or went somewhere i would always make a little collection in my mind of stories or something that i would tell my dad when i next saw him.

he always used to be so interested in what i’d been up to, or what i’d drawn or written.

i still do it now. i still see or hear…


i hate it when girls or boys don’t appreciate having their dad around and not making the effort to have a relationship with them when their dads are trying everything or if they just take them for granted because i would kill to have that relationship with my dad back i’d do anything for it. 

same dude, same


sometimes i wish my dad’s face would magically appear in the sky like mufasa in the lion king and tell me he loves me because i just need to hear his voice one more time.


Dear Santa,
I want a staircase to Heaven, so I can go visit and be with my dad on Christmas.
a depressed daughter



I miss you